Miscarriage for Men Survey

We need your help!

Please take a minute to complete our brief survey, to tell us how we can support men who go through miscarriage.  

The “silent” grief of miscarriage

It is estimated that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Losing your child during pregnancy is devastating and affects both the mother and the father. Feelings of shock, loss, grief and helplessness are extremely common after miscarriage. Psychological support after miscarriage for women is readily available, and rightly so. But men often go through miscarriage unsupported. This was the motivation for Chris Whitfield to start his charity, Miscarriage For Men.

Miscarriage and its impact on you

Our team at Gynii Me are working alongside Chris Whitfield and Miscarriage For Men, to support men throughout their miscarriage journey and beyond.

We would like to find out how miscarriage has impacted you. We are running a survey to capture the feelings of men, women and couples who have experienced miscarriage, or who know a loved one who has suffered a miscarriage. This will enable us to create a “toolkit”, of information and support structures, to help men, their partners and the wider community understand how men experience miscarriage and what we can do to support them.

Our goal is to create a safe space for men to talk about their feelings and experiences with miscarriage and create materials to guide men, their family and friends through miscarriage.

The survey is open to men and women who have experienced miscarriage. We believe this information will be able to help anyone going through miscarriage, so, we’ll be sharing all the insights and findings, with you, as soon as we learn it.

Link to the survey 

Introducing a joint research project conducted by Gynii Me and Miscarriage for Men