About Gynii Me

When it comes to starting a family, our team wants to help you find the right information at the right time to help you make important decisions about your future.

How can we help you?

Wherever you are on your journey

Planning for a family can be complicated. Gynii Me was created to help you plan and take control of your fertility - regardless of your age, gender, sexuality or relationship status.

Our team of medical experts

Our team is made up of medical experts, data scientists, writers, marketers and technology engineers with the sole purpose of helping you make informed fertility decisions.

Gynii Learn

To help you make informed fertility decisions, each section provides you with clear, transparent and medically-approved information.

With Gynii Learn, we aim to dispel the myths and misconceptions about fertility. Each fertility awareness programme is tailored to guide you through your own personal journey.

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Gynii Search

If you're looking to take the next step with your fertility, you can search for, compare and book the fertility clinic that is right for you.

Our online algorithm compares fertility clinics using a range of metrics such as their facilities, clinic size, doctors' areas of expertise and success rates.

Book your appointment through Gynii Me to take advantage of the following FREE services:

  • Unlimited access to our experience and knowledge, to guide you on your fertility journey
  • Help you find the right fertility clinic near you
  • Reliable information on fertility treatments
  • Fast-track, direct, access to your medical team

Gynii Me can help at every step of the way.

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Our values

Our values are important to us as they represent our commitment to you.

Clarity: We will provide clear, concise and accurate information and advice

Empowerment: We want to enable you to make informed decisions about your fertility planning and treatment

 Care: Our aim is to help you to prepare for and manage the key steps in your fertility journey

Our expert advisors

Gynii Me’s team of experts underpin the service we offer to women and couples at each stage of their fertility journey.

Our experts’ main goal is to ensure you receive effective and safe care. As leaders in their field, they are working with Gynii Me to provide you with comprehensive and transparent fertility advice as well as sharing their knowledge on new fertility treatments and technology.