By Angela Bunn
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Gynii Me Donates Face Masks to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals

The coronavirus crisis has meant that so many of us have had to make massive changes to our way of life – not least, reducing our contact with others and remaining mainly confined to home. Oddly, despite the restrictions, the sense of “community” has never felt stronger.

Thank you NHS

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To help frontline workers during this Covid-19 crisis, Gynii Me has donated 760 filtering facepiece (FFP) masks to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals.

Carrie Yang ,Director of Gynii Me, said “we hope this donation keeps our hardworking health workers and their families safe, and helps the NHS continue doing its valuable work of saving lives”.

Frontline workers in hospitals, care homes, care in the home, delivery, food production and supply, refuse and waste management and other sectors have kept going; to keep us going. So many of us have also found ways to help:

Everyone on the Gynii Me team hopes for your continued health and safety and extends its sincerest gratitude to all essential workers helping to keep the UK functioning.

Thank you NHS

A Thank You Letter from the NHS

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