Understanding fertility success rates

Finding the information you need

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Gynii Me’s mission is to make the fertility treatment process transparent and easy to navigate. Whether you are seeking easy-to-understand and unbiased information, or the fertility clinic which is right for you, we can help.

Our website presents the details you need to understand your fertility journey and what your next steps should be.

Working with our partner clinics, we also help you to go beyond the standard success rate data and drill-down into information which helps you make the right decisions.


The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (or, HFEA, for short) is the UK’s independent regulator for fertility treatment (as well as for fertility research).

The HFEA ensures that all UK fertility clinics comply with the law. As well as making sure clinics meet the required standards of quality and care, the HFEA also collects treatment outcome data from all registered fertility clinics in the UK  and makes it available on its website (or raw data can be downloaded).

The HFEA gathers data from fertility clinics about all the treatments they provide. The HFEA, as part of its role, also inspects each clinic at least every two years to check that their standards are being maintained.

Your Fertility Specialist

If you are already visiting a fertility clinic, bear in mind that you can ask your fertility specialist about the chances of success based on your situation.

Use the opportunity to ask about the likely outcome for your particular age group, or for your particular infertility condition, based on their experience of other patients like you.

Continue to read our articles on Understanding Fertility Success Rates so that you know what questions to ask during your meeting with a fertility specialist.