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Preserving your fertility by egg freezing

Although a woman’s womb (uterus) is able to support a pregnancy well into her forties and beyond, the quality and number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries will start to decline after her mid-thirties. This means, over time, the chance of fertilisation of the eggs – leading to a pregnancy - also drops.

fertility preservation

Egg freezing is a way of preserving your ‘younger’ eggs for future use, while avoiding the problem of declining natural fertility over time.

Until quite recently, egg freezing has been quite rare. However, breakthroughs in freezing and thawing technology means that egg freezing is now becoming more available.

Is egg freezing for me?

Egg freezing can be helpful to women who wish to preserve their fertility until they are ready to have a family at a future date.

You may be considering egg freezing for a number of reasons:

  • Perhaps you are about to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment and have been told that this treatment may affect your eggs and potentially lead to infertility. You may have been advised to consider egg freezing prior to your treatment.
  • If you have a family history of early menopause (premature ovarian failure) you may be considering freezing your eggs, so they are there if you need them at a later stage.
  • You may want to delay having children to pursue your career, or because you feel the time is not right for other reasons or you haven’t found the right partner.

How successful is egg freezing?

Egg freezing – like all fertility treatment – is not a guaranteed solution to delaying motherhood.

It is difficult to say how successful egg freezing is overall. Despite recent advances in the freezing process, treatment numbers are still low. However, we do know that the younger you are, the higher the likelihood of success when you come to thaw your eggs.

Look at the success rates of your chosen fertility clinic and make sure they are for women in your age group. Compare the clinic’s performance for egg freezing, with other clinics which provide this treatment. Gynii Me’s website will help you find this information (Check our partner clinics' profile through "Gynii Search").

What is involved in egg freezing?

The egg freezing process is similar to IVF, except that once eggs have been collected from the ovaries they are frozen for future use instead of being used immediately.

At a later stage, they are thawed and fertilised with sperm so that fertilisation may take place and an embryo created. The embryo can then be transferred to the uterus.

We understand that the prospect of treatment can feel daunting, so make sure that you have talked through what is likely to happen with your fertility clinic consultant.

I’m considering egg freezing – where do I start?

If you are considering egg freezing, the first step is to check your fertility health and ovarian reserve (the estimated number of eggs you may have). 

We offer a free service; by sending the following information to us, our fertility consultant can help you interpret the results and advise you on whether you are suitable for egg freezing.

Initial fertility assessment:

Age: Egg freezing is not typically recommended for women over 40.

AMH: This test should be carried out any time from Day 1 to Day 4 of your menstrual cycle.

Ultrasound scan and AFC: It is recommended that this is done any time from Day 1 to Day 4 of your menstrual cycle. A single ultrasound scan covers AFC too.

BMI: High BMI can reduce your fertility and cause problems during pregnancy, so it’s an important measure to discuss with your specialist.

Other: Any health issues that you would like to inform the doctor. 

Once you know that you are suitable for egg freezing, you can start to look for a fertility clinic and book your first consultation. Your doctor will explain the egg freezing process in detail and design your treatment plan with you.

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