How to choose a good fertility clinic

What to look for in a fertility clinic depends on your preferences and what feels important to you. We have gathered feedback from women and men at each stage of their fertility journey on How to choose a good fertility clinic

These are some of the questions they asked to help them choose their fertility clinic.

How do the success rates relate to me?

You want to be sure your fertility treatment will be as effective as possible; a fertility clinic’s success rates are important in understanding how effective treatment will be. Look for the data that compares the number of births per embryo transferred, rather than success rates per cycle, alone. This is a better measure of success.

“There are several different ways of presenting success rates – births per cycle of treatment (PTC), births per embryo transferred (PET), births per egg collection and so on. Birth rates per embryo transferred (PET) is increasingly viewed by professionals as the best measure of clinical practice.”

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) - the UK’s regulator in fertility treatment

Births per embryo transferred (PET) vs Births per cycle of treatment (PTC)

Births per embryo transferred (PET) vs Births per cycle of treatment (PTC)

Source: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

The success rates of birth rates per embryo transferred (PET)  shown on our site are sourced from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) – the UK's independent regulator for fertility treatment.

Some of the clinics listed on our website – our Partner clinics - provide additional details exclusively to Gynii Me. This allows us to share more information, relevant to your situation, with you.

Whilst success rates on their own can’t tell you about your individual chances of success, they act as useful indicators for a specific treatment.

It is useful to compare an individual clinic’s success rates with the national average, to see how they are performing. However, this does not always tell the whole story, as some clinics take on more difficult cases, so their average success rates may be reduced overall.

What is the cost of fertility treatment?

Private treatment costs are not regulated, so they can vary considerably between fertility clinics. However, clinics must provide a breakdown of their costs. It is worth making sure that you know exactly what is included in the cost breakdown, that all the important parts of the process have been listed and whether there are likely to be any additional costs, which have not been included. See our guidance about fertility treatment costs here.

Do I qualify for NHS treatment?

You may be eligible to have your fertility treatment funded by the NHS. NHS funding varies according to where you live and your circumstances. Your GP or fertility clinic can advise you on whether you qualify for NHS-funded fertility treatment.

If the NHS is funding your treatment, your options may be limited by the number of clinics providing NHS care in your area; but you may still be offered a choice. You will also need to check whether a specific fertility treatment is offered to NHS patients. Your clinic will be able to advise you which treatments they can provide under NHS funding.

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What is the fertility clinic environment like?

The facilities available for your use during treatment may also be important considerations for you. For example, is the reception area clean, bright and well-kept? What do the facilities for men who need to provide a sperm sample look like? Attending an open day/evening can be an opportunity to check out the environment for yourself.

What does the feedback say?

What do others say about the support they have received before and during treatment? Emotional support before and during treatment can be key in helping you cope with the challenges of fertility treatment. Every licensed clinic has to offer professional counselling, but in practice the ease of access, availability and cost of the counselling varies from clinic-to-clinic.

What support is available?

Does the centre offer a support group, or provide facilities for patients to share their experiences? Even if you have supportive friends or family, many people find it helps to talk to others who are going through a similar experience.

If you have visited the fertility clinic, for example, for an open day or open evening, was there a relaxed but professional atmosphere in the clinic? How were you treated by the team? Did they give you enough time? Were they open with you about the limitations and risks involved in the treatment, as well as the benefits?

Want to get to know more about the team?

Successful fertility treatment relies on teamwork. The medical consultant devises and directs the fertility treatment, the nursing staff provide monitoring and sensitive guidance and the embryology team is vital for the safety and success of developing embryos.

You can use Gynii Search to find detailed information about our partner clinics’ team of specialists.

How far do I have to travel?

How convenient your journey is to a fertility clinic for consultations, treatments and follow-ups may be a critical factor in deciding which clinic you will choose.

You may need to make a number of visits to your clinic during the course of a treatment cycle.

For example, during an IVF treatment cycle, eight or nine clinic visits would be quite normal and often, without much notice. Consider the logistics of your journey to the clinic; whether you will need to use public transport, whether you would prefer to be driven, or accompanied home, after some procedures.

How soon can I be seen?

How soon could you have an appointment at the clinic? Once you have been through all necessary assessments, how long will you have to wait before your treatment can start?

To fit in with your schedule, some clinics can offer weekend, early morning or evening appointments.

If you want to book an appointment with our partner clinics. Gynii Me can help you secure the earliest appointments that suit your schedule. You can also speak to our experts to help you find the right fertility clinic. Our service is FREE to all patients.