Dharmi Deugi

Senior Research Associate


MSc in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health, University College London

BSc Biomedical Science, King’s College



As a Senior Research Associate, Dharmi is responsible for conducting market research and developing patient-centric fertility educational materials. At Gynii Me, Dharmi's research is mainly centred around fertility assessment, reproductive technologies and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 

After completing her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at Kings College London, Dharmi's interest in the role of assisted reproductive technology in overcoming infertility grew. Dharmi continued her studies by pursuing a MSc in Reproductive Science and Women's Health at University College London, where her research project is focused on the genetic basis of PCOS. Along with this, Dharmi's experience as a fertility patient liaison has enhanced her passion for improving each fertility patient’s experience and helping others take control of their reproductive health. 

Outside of Gynii Me, Dharmi enjoys cooking, running and, conducting a thorough taste test across London's many food markets.